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Nov 16, 2012 4:00pm PST
will review some of the story with you. primero. ¿cómo se llama el esposo de elena? hola. yo me llamo miguel. se llama miguel. sit back now, and relax, as we join raquel on her journey through spain. ijaime! ijaime! ijaime! iosito! captioning of this program is made possible by the annenberg/cpb project and the geraldine r. dodge foundation. this is sevilla, a city in southern spain. this is raquel rodríguez a lawyer from southern california. ud. no es española, ¿verdad? no, no. soy de los estados unidos. why is raquel here? ( timbre suena ) what has brought her to spain... and to sevilla? ( timbre suena ) esta señorita busca a la abuela. ( campanas suenan ) raquel: esta carta... se le escribió la señora suárez a mi cliente, don fernando castillo. mi cliente, don fernando, vive en méxico. está gravemente enfermo. antes de la guerra civil conoció a una mujer joven y bella-- rosario. rosario era amiga de teresa suárez. don fernando siempre creyó que rosario había muerto en la guerra pero la señora suárez dice que no y además, don fernando cree que tiene un hijo con rosario. ¿s
Nov 15, 2012 9:00am PST
the corner, past the el, 4 blocks. oh, thank you, officer. i guess i got turned around. these streets are all mixed up in greenwich village. (hoberman) appearances are deceptive. space is deformed by the lighting patterns. it's the city late at night. chris gets involved in a violent scene that he can't really understand. and, in fact, it's quite violent. for the time, the idea that a woman would be lying on the ground while this guy is kicking her is fairly sadistic and is typical of more violence. along the sociological analysis, chris feels that to be masculine, first of all, you save women in distress; and, secondly, to be masculine, you also have a glamorous woman interested in you. we might also have been wondering, is she the noir femme fatale? is he hurt? i'll go call a policeman. no, wait! wait! she's kind of fetishized, wrapped up this transparent raincoat, which is both tawdry and glamorous at the same time, a beautiful, mysterious woman who is instantly duplicitous. where'd they go? in that direction. what does he look like? i don't know. i didn't see his face. he took $15. he did
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
in a sailor's trunk. este era el baúl de mi padre. finally, the trail leads back to mexico. in the highlands outside mexico city raquel faces a crisis that threatens the life of a young man. she does not know if she will get back to see don fernando before it is too late. roberto... iroberto! captioning of this program is made possible by the annenberg/cpb project and the geraldine r. dodge foundation. before you join raquel on her journey you need to know how to watch an episode of destinos. first, you should understand that in each episode of destinos you will hear three kinds of spanish. first, there is the conversational spanish spoken by the characters. mamá, esta señorita busca a la abuela. perdone, señora. soy raquel rodríguez y vengo de los estados unidos. elena ramírez. mucho gusto. mucho gusto. siento mucho molestarla pero necesito hablar con la señora suárez. ¿mi suegra? ¿por qué? bueno, es una larga historia. there is also the spanish spoken by the narrator. narrador: raquel está aquí en la esquina. ella debe virar a la izquierda. luego debe seguir derecho... pues ya
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3